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Just Cause 2

With Just cause 2 I intentionally remained in the dark about most of it until I actually started playing. Because of this, I went into the game with one expectation. An expectation, which I should state, was met. I’m currently not too far into the game as my fellow bloggers are taking up a fair amount of time with other activities.

To help fix this, I’ll go play some right now.

And I’m back. First thing I should point out about this game is how much my grappling hook makes me feel like spiderman. I’ve seriously gone swinging around a city humming the spiderman tune.

So after webslinging around the city a little, I went to the waterfront and acquired a boat from some local military types who were more then happy to allow spiderman to use their equipment. I also found out boat hijacking has quicktime events where you beat the crap out of the driver of the boat. So after acquiring a boat, I set sail to what looked like a large city. A thunderstorm was already working up


Sadly before I could complete my plans the city turned out to be an oil refinery. With a helicopter. An angry helicopter. So I spiderjacked it, more quicktimes (every command was punch the pilot in the face) and then got locked down by SAMs. One parachute-ride-out-of-an-exploding-helicopter-because-SAMsites-are-evil later….

Rain? Check. Thunderstorm? Check. Rampage time.

Not some massive urban firefight, but I can live with blowing the crap out of an oil refinery.

So far, I have two problems with this game, first being that I CAN’T FIND A WAY TO OPEN MY FRAKKING MAP and thus, have been lost most of the time. And the lack of destructible environment. Which, if there was, nothing would be standing for more then ten minutes. So I can see why they don’t have too much.

More on this game as I get around to it.