Anarchy Online Full Guide Part 1

Today, I’m starting off a massive multi-part guide to Anarchy Online. From start to finish, and all the boring parts in the middle. We start out Journey off at the Morning Star space station. Our first step is to select breed and gender.

I’ve decided to go for an engineer, and since I want my robot to do all the work, I’ve decided to roll a nanomage. The standard by far for the Engineer is solitus (The human looking ones) but the nanomage lets me rely on the bot to do more work. A quick run through character customization and I’m at class selection!

That handy description gives me an idea of what to expect on Rubi-ka. I like the sound of “Powerful battledriods”  Team transportation is something that comes into the game much later on, but I’m looking forward to in none the less. One thing I should point out is the difficulty warning. While it does give a slightly good idea, personally I would not let it get in the way of the class you want to play. If you want to start off as a “hard” class. Go for it.

We now find ourselves ready to hit the mainland!

Now, here is were things get a bit confusing. Originally, players started in the “Arrival hall”. This large room in the shuttleport, full of talkative people that were willing to tell you just about everything you needed to know about the game, the factions, and more. This also gave us the ability to walk into the gateway we wanted. Originally there was a red, blue and white one. (Red being clan, blue Omni tek, and white Neutral) Then with shadowlands a gate to the Jobe research facility was added. When Alien Invasion came out the red and blue gates were closed down, and the white took you to the “ICC shuttleport” but en route is was shot down by Aliens and you end up crashed in the water just off a small island, and dragged to the beach by a helpful doctor. Rather then all this, they decided to get rid of the doctor and dump you directly on the island with no explanation or idea of what to do next.

Crashed on this island, I ran up and talked to the guy with the blue nametag. So happy for human contact, our hero Ract here does a backflip.

He wants us to look at everything, so clearly that’s what I do. He’s also given me a gun and a robot, so I can start my goal of destroying newland city. What is newland city you ask? We’ll go for that later. Now we’re up to shooting one of each animal. Noah powers, activate!

Now that I’ve sated Thorn’s thirst for the blood of the local wild life, he throws his belt at me and tells me to run off.

I figure if I’m going to be running around shooting small animals, I best do it in style, so I run of east along the beach until I find what I’m looking for…

Fatsnake! This is what’s commonly refereed to as a “Dynaboss.” It’s basically the king of whatever happens to be around. Being the king, it has all sorts of shiny things, and is a great way to get some startup armour.

A LOT of dead enemies later, I’m decked out in my new light combat body armour set and ready to hit the town. I suppose now would be a good time to get going with that belt Thorn gave me. Skipping my merry way through the snake corpses I came across another blue named man.

I just had to take this guy’s quests. Apparently it’s this guy’s job to keep the wildlife in check (read, shoot a few of them every now and then) but he’s too lazy to do it. So he wants you to do it, being heavily experienced in stepping on small animals, Ract jumped at the chance to earn actual money for it!

Kill three of three types of animals, now we’re doing this quest is a bit early for it. However if you’ve run around smashing giant snakes as long as Ract has to get his armour, you should be fine. It will be a little challenge though.

There is one thing you should watch out for in this area. Rollerrats. They are small, and not much threat on their own, but they will aggro you on sight. They can be a real threat when they attack you while you fight something tough. While you are out here, pick up some rollerrate intestines, bone plates (from the malles) and stalker limbs (from the tropical stalkers) you’ll need them later.

Running back, Mr Handsome gave Ract a shiny bracer (max health +20) and sent out another mission. Run around and find the kings of all the monsters. In order. The snake you kept killing is up first. Just run along the beach from him and you’ll find rest of them spaced out along it, in this order.






They MUST be in that order, or you will not get the mission. Also remember, you need to target them, but you don’t need them dead (you can kill them if you want) so if you’re bored or lazy, just run by and click each one.

After returning our nanomage friend gives Ract an item he won’t be able to use for a while (keep it though it’s amazing when you can use it) and sends us off down a dark pipe to find Adri Afeli. After going through the pipes, go left down the third pipe, and NOT up the ramp. That’s later. 

Found him. He offers a new weapon, in return for some parts. Thankfully, this I told you to get most of the parts before hand. The Bone plates, Stalker limbs, and rollerrat intestines are for this. Just past Adri here are some robots you can get the other two parts from. Cargo driods drop the power supplies, and waste collectors drop the compression chambers (not to be confused with the fuel chambers). Once you have one of everything give it all to Adri along with your current weapon for a better gun.

New gun in hand, Adri has one more job for us. He wants us to go kill cargodriods so he can get his porn mags out of the crates without anyone seeing. This is a simple mission, but gives you a backpack as a reward, which is rather usefull. Especially considering what I’ll be having you do with it.

Now that you have a shiny new backpack, it’s time to use it! First kill every monster you can find (not robots) and go until the bag is full of the item “monster parts”. You’ll get plenty of chance for this once we go to the next part.

Head back past Adri, and up the ramp. As you’ll be able to see, SOMETHING INTERESTING IS FINALLY HAPPENING. Troops from the Interstellar Confederation of Corporation (ICC) are fighting alien invaders as they come off their ship. Supporting these people are Omni-tek’s “Unicorn Squadleader Fixx” and the Clan medic “Elsa Oosta”

Up past the shooting, we find the guy we were supposed to take the belt to (remember?) so best do that now.  It turns out the belt actually has some use (other then sending annoying people away from beaches) so put it on along with the chips Stuckland gives you. This will take a while, so don’t worry. The equip timer is rather long on these items. You can run around while it’s equipping it’s self, but don’t jump.

You’ll also find a terminal behind Stuckland by the billboard that sells sets on nanoprograms. Buy the one (and ONLY this one) for your class. Upload as many as you can.

Look around and you’ll find Travis Molen flanked by two guards.

He’s your next target. Talk to him, and ask him about armour. He’ll give you a quest for each part of the “newcomers armour set” which is now your best friend. You can pick up the quests for every piece of armour and do them all at once, or do them one at a time. With all the fighting you’ve been doing these enemies shouldn’t be too much trouble for you, but remember, they are stronger then the ones you fought below.

Five missions around the landing area later, we return to Travis and get a bunch of armour. After which I ran to the Omni tek recruiter sporting my new duds.

The Omni -Tek recruiter told me the Omni-Tek (2) vendor would sell me Omni-Tek (3) badges to change my armour into Omni-Tek (4) newcomers armour as a benefit to my new employment at Omni-Tek (5). After upgrading my armour, I ran back to Travis, who wants us to talk to our favourite sociopathical squadleader.

Talking to Fixx crazyface, we end up drafted, going through bootcamp, and assigned to the frontline in the space of thirty seconds.

Fixx wants us to step on some alien spiders. Easy job. Especially after all your work. You get two shoulderpads for it.

The only thing left to do now is run down back to Thorn and trade your monsterparts for medpacks.

Then talk to your faction recruiter and your off the island!



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