Another Monday flashgame.

To continue my tradition of horrifically depressing games. Everything Starts to Fall.

Rather then run through anything specific, this game just goes on about life. Starting at infancy and going all the way through to the end.

One completely essential part of this game, is the music. It’s no secret I’m a fan of music in games.  Mainly because music completely sets the mood for any game. In games like this, the mood is completely essential.  The music in this one sets the mood perfectly. The game is a simple platformer, but the design and the story told through it push it to the exceptional status that I found it at. It’s a short enough game, even for both playthroughs (There are who endings) so I won’t bother writing out the entire story, so go play it now.




About zarrotechgeek

An 18 year old Canadian high school student that likes to rant about things.

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