As anyone who knows me knows well, I like to rant. Some people actually find my rants entertaining, and I generally like spreading my sarcasm as far as I possibly can.

The solution? A blog written by me. All. About. Ranting.

The last model of this (me ranting on world issues) failed horribly. Mainly due to the extreme apathy I had towards political events. So this new model, updated on a “when I feel like it” basis, will mainly be me ranting on whatever games I’m playing at the moment. Expect lots of repeats on different parts of the same game, as I’ll be writing these during my playthroughs.

I’ll also be doing request rants, send an email to me at Richardthebradford@gmail.com and ask me to rant about anything.

Feel free to spread the word about this, I love having an audience and I like to post some of the less known stuff that happens around the work. Those Facebook and Twitter links are down there for a reason.

Right, well, time to start.

  1. The Dude, Man.

    Hey, Man. Like,this shooter stuff is so cool like, eh? I can’t believe you knows so much about all this stuff, eh? I’m your audience, man. Write some more.

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