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Avenging the lack of posts.

With the new movie out, what do you think I’d be posting about?

— Spoilers ahead, don’t read it if you have yet to see the movie —

When a date for this movie was set, I grabbed the old cartoon avengers movie.

One of the things I hated most about that movie was that for more than half of the movie, the avengers were fighting eachother. By the time the real bad guy showed up, there was time for a ten minute fight and everything was better.

I’m glad to say that in this movie, while there is friction between the heroes at first, it does not feel like they wasted time with it. Yeah, there was a fight between Ironman and Thor, a bit of a verbal sparing match and Thor trying to calm the Hulk down. By hitting him. (Culture shock). But really, the friction was there, but not overused.

I also liked that they avoided elevating heroes over the others, but didn’t make them all the same. Thor could beat Ironman in arm wrestling. But Ironman has range, and a variety of weapons Thor lacks. I’ve heard some people talking about how Thor, being a god, should be the most powerful. I find two problems with that. First, the Hulk could beat any of them (it happened, look up “World War Hulk”) and second, who wants to see that? Seriously, if I wanted to see Thor do everything, I’d watch Thor.

They really capitalized on having multiple previous movies to pull from. Some characters where just there because they had big roles in previous movies, yes. But the Avengers is a bit out of Pott’s league. It wouldn’t do her justice to include her in it. (Get it? League? Justice? Justice League). They used the previous movies to weave in Widow’s backstory, as well as give us an attachment to the Agent who’s death brings them all together.

I was wondering about the music in the movie. Ironman had very aggressive, metal music. Thor’s music was very grand and seeming older. Both Hulk and Captain America had their own styles as well. I originally thought, that when they focused on one hero fighting, their style of music would be played. While they didn’t do this, I was not at all disappointed in the music. It was a combination of all the styles, and some really fantastic pieces.

Overall, the only complaint I had against this movie where non-movie related. Such as this fat annoying kid in the row behind me who felt the need to shout out every time he was slightly impressed by something. Or if something happened. Or if he had been quiet for more then two seconds. Also the “avengers collectors cup” I bought for an extra dollar fifty had the drawback of a little Ironman figure on the top, and when absentmindedly drinking, I would go for Ironman instead of the straw. Although I don’t have the biggest complaint there, because my sister got mjolnir in the eye every time she went for a sip.

To end; it’s a great movie. Go see it. Now.


oh, also I’m building a new work glove. More on that once I find my soldering gun.


Not technically a game today, still enjoy.

Only one level this time.

There Is Only One Level 3

This is an one of the oddest flashgames I’ve ever played. To it’s name, there is only ONE level. Which you playthrough again and again. Far from simply doing the same thing over and over though, the level is slightly different each time you play it. Things can get a little tricky, so the title of the “stage” (there are no levels) is often a little hint at what you should do. Some of the solutions are pretty odd and not what you expect, so you have to think creatively. For the inevitable one you can’t figure out, I’ve included a walkthrough here.

Anarchy Online Full Guide Part 1

Today, I’m starting off a massive multi-part guide to Anarchy Online. From start to finish, and all the boring parts in the middle. We start out Journey off at the Morning Star space station. Our first step is to select breed and gender.

I’ve decided to go for an engineer, and since I want my robot to do all the work, I’ve decided to roll a nanomage. The standard by far for the Engineer is solitus (The human looking ones) but the nanomage lets me rely on the bot to do more work. A quick run through character customization and I’m at class selection!

That handy description gives me an idea of what to expect on Rubi-ka. I like the sound of “Powerful battledriods”  Team transportation is something that comes into the game much later on, but I’m looking forward to in none the less. One thing I should point out is the difficulty warning. While it does give a slightly good idea, personally I would not let it get in the way of the class you want to play. If you want to start off as a “hard” class. Go for it.

We now find ourselves ready to hit the mainland!

Now, here is were things get a bit confusing. Originally, players started in the “Arrival hall”. This large room in the shuttleport, full of talkative people that were willing to tell you just about everything you needed to know about the game, the factions, and more. This also gave us the ability to walk into the gateway we wanted. Originally there was a red, blue and white one. (Red being clan, blue Omni tek, and white Neutral) Then with shadowlands a gate to the Jobe research facility was added. When Alien Invasion came out the red and blue gates were closed down, and the white took you to the “ICC shuttleport” but en route is was shot down by Aliens and you end up crashed in the water just off a small island, and dragged to the beach by a helpful doctor. Rather then all this, they decided to get rid of the doctor and dump you directly on the island with no explanation or idea of what to do next.

Crashed on this island, I ran up and talked to the guy with the blue nametag. So happy for human contact, our hero Ract here does a backflip.

He wants us to look at everything, so clearly that’s what I do. He’s also given me a gun and a robot, so I can start my goal of destroying newland city. What is newland city you ask? We’ll go for that later. Now we’re up to shooting one of each animal. Noah powers, activate!

Now that I’ve sated Thorn’s thirst for the blood of the local wild life, he throws his belt at me and tells me to run off.

I figure if I’m going to be running around shooting small animals, I best do it in style, so I run of east along the beach until I find what I’m looking for…

Fatsnake! This is what’s commonly refereed to as a “Dynaboss.” It’s basically the king of whatever happens to be around. Being the king, it has all sorts of shiny things, and is a great way to get some startup armour.

A LOT of dead enemies later, I’m decked out in my new light combat body armour set and ready to hit the town. I suppose now would be a good time to get going with that belt Thorn gave me. Skipping my merry way through the snake corpses I came across another blue named man.

I just had to take this guy’s quests. Apparently it’s this guy’s job to keep the wildlife in check (read, shoot a few of them every now and then) but he’s too lazy to do it. So he wants you to do it, being heavily experienced in stepping on small animals, Ract jumped at the chance to earn actual money for it!

Kill three of three types of animals, now we’re doing this quest is a bit early for it. However if you’ve run around smashing giant snakes as long as Ract has to get his armour, you should be fine. It will be a little challenge though.

There is one thing you should watch out for in this area. Rollerrats. They are small, and not much threat on their own, but they will aggro you on sight. They can be a real threat when they attack you while you fight something tough. While you are out here, pick up some rollerrate intestines, bone plates (from the malles) and stalker limbs (from the tropical stalkers) you’ll need them later.

Running back, Mr Handsome gave Ract a shiny bracer (max health +20) and sent out another mission. Run around and find the kings of all the monsters. In order. The snake you kept killing is up first. Just run along the beach from him and you’ll find rest of them spaced out along it, in this order.






They MUST be in that order, or you will not get the mission. Also remember, you need to target them, but you don’t need them dead (you can kill them if you want) so if you’re bored or lazy, just run by and click each one.

After returning our nanomage friend gives Ract an item he won’t be able to use for a while (keep it though it’s amazing when you can use it) and sends us off down a dark pipe to find Adri Afeli. After going through the pipes, go left down the third pipe, and NOT up the ramp. That’s later. 

Found him. He offers a new weapon, in return for some parts. Thankfully, this I told you to get most of the parts before hand. The Bone plates, Stalker limbs, and rollerrat intestines are for this. Just past Adri here are some robots you can get the other two parts from. Cargo driods drop the power supplies, and waste collectors drop the compression chambers (not to be confused with the fuel chambers). Once you have one of everything give it all to Adri along with your current weapon for a better gun.

New gun in hand, Adri has one more job for us. He wants us to go kill cargodriods so he can get his porn mags out of the crates without anyone seeing. This is a simple mission, but gives you a backpack as a reward, which is rather usefull. Especially considering what I’ll be having you do with it.

Now that you have a shiny new backpack, it’s time to use it! First kill every monster you can find (not robots) and go until the bag is full of the item “monster parts”. You’ll get plenty of chance for this once we go to the next part.

Head back past Adri, and up the ramp. As you’ll be able to see, SOMETHING INTERESTING IS FINALLY HAPPENING. Troops from the Interstellar Confederation of Corporation (ICC) are fighting alien invaders as they come off their ship. Supporting these people are Omni-tek’s “Unicorn Squadleader Fixx” and the Clan medic “Elsa Oosta”

Up past the shooting, we find the guy we were supposed to take the belt to (remember?) so best do that now.  It turns out the belt actually has some use (other then sending annoying people away from beaches) so put it on along with the chips Stuckland gives you. This will take a while, so don’t worry. The equip timer is rather long on these items. You can run around while it’s equipping it’s self, but don’t jump.

You’ll also find a terminal behind Stuckland by the billboard that sells sets on nanoprograms. Buy the one (and ONLY this one) for your class. Upload as many as you can.

Look around and you’ll find Travis Molen flanked by two guards.

He’s your next target. Talk to him, and ask him about armour. He’ll give you a quest for each part of the “newcomers armour set” which is now your best friend. You can pick up the quests for every piece of armour and do them all at once, or do them one at a time. With all the fighting you’ve been doing these enemies shouldn’t be too much trouble for you, but remember, they are stronger then the ones you fought below.

Five missions around the landing area later, we return to Travis and get a bunch of armour. After which I ran to the Omni tek recruiter sporting my new duds.

The Omni -Tek recruiter told me the Omni-Tek (2) vendor would sell me Omni-Tek (3) badges to change my armour into Omni-Tek (4) newcomers armour as a benefit to my new employment at Omni-Tek (5). After upgrading my armour, I ran back to Travis, who wants us to talk to our favourite sociopathical squadleader.

Talking to Fixx crazyface, we end up drafted, going through bootcamp, and assigned to the frontline in the space of thirty seconds.

Fixx wants us to step on some alien spiders. Easy job. Especially after all your work. You get two shoulderpads for it.

The only thing left to do now is run down back to Thorn and trade your monsterparts for medpacks.

Then talk to your faction recruiter and your off the island!



Another Monday flashgame.

To continue my tradition of horrifically depressing games. Everything Starts to Fall.

Rather then run through anything specific, this game just goes on about life. Starting at infancy and going all the way through to the end.

One completely essential part of this game, is the music. It’s no secret I’m a fan of music in games.  Mainly because music completely sets the mood for any game. In games like this, the mood is completely essential.  The music in this one sets the mood perfectly. The game is a simple platformer, but the design and the story told through it push it to the exceptional status that I found it at. It’s a short enough game, even for both playthroughs (There are who endings) so I won’t bother writing out the entire story, so go play it now.



The company of Haven

As promised, an extremely late Monday flashgame. This was was supposed to be Outpost Haven a WASD top down shooter. You start off with a fellow grunt called Jameson (Whom I immediately renamed Jensen)

When I first started the game, I was rather impressed. It actually featured voice acting! This dropped down two minutes in. The voice acting stopped, any backstory to be had was on these annoying datapads that were tedious to read (Note, if your backstory is essentially messages left around, make them interesting) I still trudged along throughout this game, until the aliens started using dubstep on me. At which point I left. After which I decided to write one of my favourite flashgames of all times instead.

The Company of Myself

This little flashgame has been around a while. The entire thing is told through a narration. Even the loading screens. It starts with the main character giving you a quick synopsis of his life, then goes into detail with it using the game as a metaphor. While there is a fair amount of humor in the games dialogue, the music gives it an overall sad feeling.

By pressing the spacebar, the game lets you “clone” yourself. Just how this works, is never reviled. I assume it’s part of the metaphor.

The game is fun platformer with an interesting idea, but it’s best feature by far is the writing. It is too the point where I refuse to write about this heartbreaking story (especially the ending scene) in this post, and urge you all to go and play the game right now.


In other news in the gaming world, Cryptic’s MMORPG shooter Startrek Online has gone free to play this week. As a long time fan of the game I’d recommend everyone try it. Free players get all the same content as paying players, and the differences I’ve seen between the two are few. You really get the full game here for free.

 And massive screenshot to inspire you.


Also I haven’t forgotten about this Monday’s flash game (anymore) expect it later today.

Monday Flash Game 1

In an attempt to get myself on the barest semblance of a schedule, I’ve come up with Monday flash games. Every Monday, I do a quick write-up of a flash game. First up, is the mysterious indie platformer “Verge”

It’s a short, 15 minute playthrough. Do it now, because the rest of the post makes no sense without it.

No seriously, go


Okay, now that you’ve played this fun little game, I’ll get into it. The easy stuff first; the switching between the “overworld” and “underworld” as I call them was a fun mechanic. Triggering it on death was a neat touch.

What really got me about this game, is the story. The only direct communication, as you saw, were the very few words written over the screen. The rest of the story is implied. Pretty soon in the game you see the angel appear, but she never stays long. There are subtle details here you should watch for. The first of them being the fact the angel doesn’t disappear on a proximity value (when you get close to her). She is not running from your character, if you run the opposite direction, she will disappear just as surely as if you run towards her.  When I noticed this the first time I thought it was lousy coding, and that it was simply some sort of love interest.

As I got further into the game, and hit my first death, I immediately noticed the contrast in the underworld. Rather then the pretty grasslands and occasional ruin I found in the overworld, the underworld featured a dark landscape, with decaying buildings in the background. Again, I merely thought this some sort of contrast tool and didn’t pay much attention. On the last level however, it all comes together.

On the last level, your foray into the underworld is different. Rather then the dark purple, the underworld is blood-red. Decayed buildings can be seen in the background. The peaceful (and sad) background track changes to the sounds of sirens over a radio, as well as heavily distorted speech. The only word that can be clearly made out from the speaking is “fire”. After this we finally find our angel.

This is no love story. Approaching the angel you see a very long row of tombstones. Something happened. Something terrible happened. We’re left in the dark as to what exactly, but whatever it was wiped out everything. The angel isn’t a love interest, everyone else has “returned” to her. You were the last one.

There are lots of other ways to explain things. When you die in the underworld the text reads “My soul was lost forever”. It could be that your world was completely destroyed, and you were the only one to live to the nightmare that remained. It could be a lot of things.

Try to figure it out, comment with ideas.

Vampiric Dinosaurs

Finally getting around to the rest of Terra Nova, I’m quite enjoying it. My greatest fear when the show started up would be everything would be about dinosaurs. One episode would be dino-eggs, one episode would be T-rex, one would be Brontos, and so on. Gladly, the show has not done that. I’m 8 out of 12 episodes in,  and so far I have yet to see one fully dinosaur oriented episode. We’ve had episodes on large bugs, one on a virus. Plenty on the ongoing cold war between Terra Nova and the enigmatic sixers. One character I’ve seen grow into something completely unexpected is Commander Taylor.

This character started off as, what I thought, a figurehead they could blame things on or have him mysteriously come in and save the day with some obscure knowledge about the colony.


Knives and fire!

He’s actually ended up one of, if not the, most interesting character on the show. He has the backstory of a lost wife and kid, although it’s heavily implied the kid is not as lost as he could be. Throughout the episodes Taylor get’s considerably more and more insane and awesome. To the point where he attacks a lizard his size with a torch and knife. Taylor also has the interesting ability for a character to change between the father figure head of the colony, and a sociopath madmen when he deems it needed.

Apart from Taylor, there are a few other characters who made things interesting. Too many to name and write out fully in one post. As I continue to write, the series has progressed to episode nine, Taylor has some conspiracy building around him. Should be more then interesting to see how this pans out. I’ll try to avoid spoilers here, but things are heating up.

The dinosaur eyecandy continues to be abundant. Although it can be hard to tell which of the dinosaurs really existed and which were merely written in for the convenience of the show.

In other news, a guard just riflebutted a giant dragonfly. Simple things like that never get old.

There are two downsides of this show, the first being that some of the secondary characters are hard to tell apart in a crowd. I know Washington is the lady with dark hair and is generally looking angry. With some of the other characters I have so such luck in easy identification. The second problem, is the fact I have absolutely fallen in love with the armour the guards wear. When I started up with the series, I found the armour rather silly, and akin to hockey pads. Over time, the armour has grown more and more on me. To the point where it ranks up with Republic Commando armour in things I want to wear before I die.

Expect another post while I continue to make my way into the series. After the finale I’ll write up a final season review.

The title of the post may throw some people off. The five year old daughter of the main character, Zoe, has become convinced that Vampires have managed to infiltrate Terra Nova. While most of the colony and views dismissed this as childlike imaginings, I know better. I know the truth.

Sorry for the no updates…

I hit a large wall when working on the new Deus ex one. However, I threw this together to keep you occupied while I work.