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Vampiric Dinosaurs

Finally getting around to the rest of Terra Nova, I’m quite enjoying it. My greatest fear when the show started up would be everything would be about dinosaurs. One episode would be dino-eggs, one episode would be T-rex, one would be Brontos, and so on. Gladly, the show has not done that. I’m 8 out of 12 episodes in,  and so far I have yet to see one fully dinosaur oriented episode. We’ve had episodes on large bugs, one on a virus. Plenty on the ongoing cold war between Terra Nova and the enigmatic sixers. One character I’ve seen grow into something completely unexpected is Commander Taylor.

This character started off as, what I thought, a figurehead they could blame things on or have him mysteriously come in and save the day with some obscure knowledge about the colony.


Knives and fire!

He’s actually ended up one of, if not the, most interesting character on the show. He has the backstory of a lost wife and kid, although it’s heavily implied the kid is not as lost as he could be. Throughout the episodes Taylor get’s considerably more and more insane and awesome. To the point where he attacks a lizard his size with a torch and knife. Taylor also has the interesting ability for a character to change between the father figure head of the colony, and a sociopath madmen when he deems it needed.

Apart from Taylor, there are a few other characters who made things interesting. Too many to name and write out fully in one post. As I continue to write, the series has progressed to episode nine, Taylor has some conspiracy building around him. Should be more then interesting to see how this pans out. I’ll try to avoid spoilers here, but things are heating up.

The dinosaur eyecandy continues to be abundant. Although it can be hard to tell which of the dinosaurs really existed and which were merely written in for the convenience of the show.

In other news, a guard just riflebutted a giant dragonfly. Simple things like that never get old.

There are two downsides of this show, the first being that some of the secondary characters are hard to tell apart in a crowd. I know Washington is the lady with dark hair and is generally looking angry. With some of the other characters I have so such luck in easy identification. The second problem, is the fact I have absolutely fallen in love with the armour the guards wear. When I started up with the series, I found the armour rather silly, and akin to hockey pads. Over time, the armour has grown more and more on me. To the point where it ranks up with Republic Commando armour in things I want to wear before I die.

Expect another post while I continue to make my way into the series. After the finale I’ll write up a final season review.

The title of the post may throw some people off. The five year old daughter of the main character, Zoe, has become convinced that Vampires have managed to infiltrate Terra Nova. While most of the colony and views dismissed this as childlike imaginings, I know better. I know the truth.