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Avenging the lack of posts.

With the new movie out, what do you think I’d be posting about?

— Spoilers ahead, don’t read it if you have yet to see the movie —

When a date for this movie was set, I grabbed the old cartoon avengers movie.

One of the things I hated most about that movie was that for more than half of the movie, the avengers were fighting eachother. By the time the real bad guy showed up, there was time for a ten minute fight and everything was better.

I’m glad to say that in this movie, while there is friction between the heroes at first, it does not feel like they wasted time with it. Yeah, there was a fight between Ironman and Thor, a bit of a verbal sparing match and Thor trying to calm the Hulk down. By hitting him. (Culture shock). But really, the friction was there, but not overused.

I also liked that they avoided elevating heroes over the others, but didn’t make them all the same. Thor could beat Ironman in arm wrestling. But Ironman has range, and a variety of weapons Thor lacks. I’ve heard some people talking about how Thor, being a god, should be the most powerful. I find two problems with that. First, the Hulk could beat any of them (it happened, look up “World War Hulk”) and second, who wants to see that? Seriously, if I wanted to see Thor do everything, I’d watch Thor.

They really capitalized on having multiple previous movies to pull from. Some characters where just there because they had big roles in previous movies, yes. But the Avengers is a bit out of Pott’s league. It wouldn’t do her justice to include her in it. (Get it? League? Justice? Justice League). They used the previous movies to weave in Widow’s backstory, as well as give us an attachment to the Agent who’s death brings them all together.

I was wondering about the music in the movie. Ironman had very aggressive, metal music. Thor’s music was very grand and seeming older. Both Hulk and Captain America had their own styles as well. I originally thought, that when they focused on one hero fighting, their style of music would be played. While they didn’t do this, I was not at all disappointed in the music. It was a combination of all the styles, and some really fantastic pieces.

Overall, the only complaint I had against this movie where non-movie related. Such as this fat annoying kid in the row behind me who felt the need to shout out every time he was slightly impressed by something. Or if something happened. Or if he had been quiet for more then two seconds. Also the “avengers collectors cup” I bought for an extra dollar fifty had the drawback of a little Ironman figure on the top, and when absentmindedly drinking, I would go for Ironman instead of the straw. Although I don’t have the biggest complaint there, because my sister got mjolnir in the eye every time she went for a sip.

To end; it’s a great movie. Go see it. Now.


oh, also I’m building a new work glove. More on that once I find my soldering gun.