The company of Haven

As promised, an extremely late Monday flashgame. This was was supposed to be Outpost Haven a WASD top down shooter. You start off with a fellow grunt called Jameson (Whom I immediately renamed Jensen)

When I first started the game, I was rather impressed. It actually featured voice acting! This dropped down two minutes in. The voice acting stopped, any backstory to be had was on these annoying datapads that were tedious to read (Note, if your backstory is essentially messages left around, make them interesting) I still trudged along throughout this game, until the aliens started using dubstep on me. At which point I left. After which I decided to write one of my favourite flashgames of all times instead.

The Company of Myself

This little flashgame has been around a while. The entire thing is told through a narration. Even the loading screens. It starts with the main character giving you a quick synopsis of his life, then goes into detail with it using the game as a metaphor. While there is a fair amount of humor in the games dialogue, the music gives it an overall sad feeling.

By pressing the spacebar, the game lets you “clone” yourself. Just how this works, is never reviled. I assume it’s part of the metaphor.

The game is fun platformer with an interesting idea, but it’s best feature by far is the writing. It is too the point where I refuse to write about this heartbreaking story (especially the ending scene) in this post, and urge you all to go and play the game right now.


In other news in the gaming world, Cryptic’s MMORPG shooter Startrek Online has gone free to play this week. As a long time fan of the game I’d recommend everyone try it. Free players get all the same content as paying players, and the differences I’ve seen between the two are few. You really get the full game here for free.

 And massive screenshot to inspire you.


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