Monday Flash Game 1

In an attempt to get myself on the barest semblance of a schedule, I’ve come up with Monday flash games. Every Monday, I do a quick write-up of a flash game. First up, is the mysterious indie platformer “Verge”

It’s a short, 15 minute playthrough. Do it now, because the rest of the post makes no sense without it.

No seriously, go


Okay, now that you’ve played this fun little game, I’ll get into it. The easy stuff first; the switching between the “overworld” and “underworld” as I call them was a fun mechanic. Triggering it on death was a neat touch.

What really got me about this game, is the story. The only direct communication, as you saw, were the very few words written over the screen. The rest of the story is implied. Pretty soon in the game you see the angel appear, but she never stays long. There are subtle details here you should watch for. The first of them being the fact the angel doesn’t disappear on a proximity value (when you get close to her). She is not running from your character, if you run the opposite direction, she will disappear just as surely as if you run towards her.  When I noticed this the first time I thought it was lousy coding, and that it was simply some sort of love interest.

As I got further into the game, and hit my first death, I immediately noticed the contrast in the underworld. Rather then the pretty grasslands and occasional ruin I found in the overworld, the underworld featured a dark landscape, with decaying buildings in the background. Again, I merely thought this some sort of contrast tool and didn’t pay much attention. On the last level however, it all comes together.

On the last level, your foray into the underworld is different. Rather then the dark purple, the underworld is blood-red. Decayed buildings can be seen in the background. The peaceful (and sad) background track changes to the sounds of sirens over a radio, as well as heavily distorted speech. The only word that can be clearly made out from the speaking is “fire”. After this we finally find our angel.

This is no love story. Approaching the angel you see a very long row of tombstones. Something happened. Something terrible happened. We’re left in the dark as to what exactly, but whatever it was wiped out everything. The angel isn’t a love interest, everyone else has “returned” to her. You were the last one.

There are lots of other ways to explain things. When you die in the underworld the text reads “My soul was lost forever”. It could be that your world was completely destroyed, and you were the only one to live to the nightmare that remained. It could be a lot of things.

Try to figure it out, comment with ideas.


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