More zombies! More islands!

Back from another round of dead island and from this point the game is still rather entertaining. I’ve been using the game’s vehicles a lot more then I should be and managed to get a few into pedestrian only areas. Needless to say that ended well, especially when you get your car stuck on a planter and are desperately trying to get the frak out of there while zombies swarm your car. It was all fairly standard until it happened. It. The one event that will change the world forever. Our generation’s atom bomb, trojan horse, sliced-frakking-bread. Some poor fool, I should note it wasn’t his fault entirely, he was probably worn down by the trauma he had undergone, bit it remains. Some poor fool, gave me a sickle. By the lords of Kobol the zombies didn’t deserve the massacre I wrought upon them. It was a dark day indeed, and it only stopped when the sickle, as all things must, broke in my hand (Well, it stopped shortly after that. I killed a few zombies with the broken handle). After which I went merrily on my way.

Things get a bit blurry after that, but I soon after found myself in a jungle looking for a survivor’s husband. Seeing as no roads lead there I had to

It's Vietnam all over again!

do things the hard way. Mainly, I had to go on foot. Which can actually prove a challenge in this game as zombies inhabit most of, well, everywhere! Not to mention this involved me going through a jungle. I, being me, immediately started flashing back to Vietnam. Now I know what you’re all thinking. “Richard, you’ve never been to nam” I say that you’re right, not only did I have the trauma of a Nam flashback, but it was the completely new to me. I have termed this, the Uberflashback. I actually found next to no zombies in the jungle, which was odd, I figured they must be waiting for me somewhere. So I paranoidedly moved from tree to tree. With my new weapon, the HAMMER. I didn’t think this would be as good weapon overall, but it ended up having incredible durability, and decent damage. Not to mention completely smashing every zombie I’ve come across.  In other words, hammers = victory, and THE JUNGLE IS FULL OF GUERILLA FIGHTERS.  Also cars are a fun alternative to any other zombie killing method the game delivers.

Ahh fire, what won't it fix?

Now, this images says so much. The game has “thug” type zombies. Which are bigger, tougher, and have the ability to throw you back a few feet with a hit. Every one I’ve encountered so far has been a careful game of dodging their swings and returning my own hits repeatedly. Until today. Today, something clicked. Something in me said “I’m going to solve this like I solve every other problem in my life, with EXCESSIVE FORCE”. Opening the inventory screen I found just the force I needed. The classic Molotov. Life just got good, really good as I managed to burn about five other zombies as well. All in all, fire good. Fire very good. Soon after this image I found the man I was looking for in the first place. Where did I find him?

Seriously Bill?


The man is in a house full of people who take full advantage of the zombie invasion, by getting drunk and high behind a small makeshift wall. I swear if I have to go back to this building I will burn the frakking place down and feed everyone inside to the zombies.

Still I’m having fun with this, I’ve gotten it from a friend that the cities in game are rather impressive. So I’ll have to drive into one at some point. I expect my immediate and sudden death my zombies frakking everywhere!


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An 18 year old Canadian high school student that likes to rant about things.

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