Dinosaurs the TV show, now with plot!

The third installment of Terra Nova aired yesterday, and like any person who is following the show with slight interest and really has nothing better to do, I sauntered upstairs to the TV to watch.

Spoilers everywhere, so if you haven’t seen it and actually care, don’t read on.

This episode starts off with a small group of people acting… well odd. Unless screaming randomly, or acting like a 5-year-old when you’re forty is normal (No, Voyager doesn’t count. That was a 3-year-old acting 20.) This quickly escalates to someone being eaten by a dinosaur. For those counting at home, this brings the total dino killcount up to about 10. Nine of them being from a breakoff group from the colony and none of them being random security guards (Discounting the sixer breakoff guards).

Anyway, to two second title opening (the silhouette of the main family followed by the words “Terra Nova”) rolls and we’re back to the people we

No, it's not THAT Washington

actually care about. This episode actually goes out of its way to show that Lieutenant Washington (The lady who’s in charge of the guards) is actually a character and is now one of three I know the names of. The other two being Josh and Matty. Two of the actual main characters of the show.

In this episode we find out that Washington has other uses then standing around and not wearing her helmet. Although they are few. Mainly sitting in the office while the leader of the colony is out doing stuff. Back to the story. The colony leader, the wife of the main guy (who is also a doctor,) and Random security guard number 23 go to the place in the first scene to find out why they’ve lost contact.  They come into contact with something strange that appears to wipe out memory and place someone somewhere in their past.  This leaves one of the outpost workers there in the “Detroit food riots”, the wife in medical school, and the commander going full-out PTSD and launching a one man attack on his own colony.  And because this is the bastion of humanity in a completely hostile environment, it took the commander all of ten seconds to break in and hold Washington hostage.

That aside it does go into showing that some of these characters have rather interesting backstories, and the show can do something that isn’t completely sixers or Dinosaurs.


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