I know, I know, the two people who read this want the second half of the deus ex post. I’ll get around to it, Deus ex 3 is long and I want to beat it a few times over before I get writing on it.

In the meantime, I have managed to take in the first two episodes of Terra Nova; a new science fiction series on fox where colonizing the past is far easier then the moon… although they said they had domed cities that kept the air on Earth out (It’s toxic now, you see? Al Gore was right DESPITE all the science that says he isn’t) so why building a frakking TIME MACHINE to an alternate timeline and not flying up to the moon and plopping down a few cities there is a good idea I’m not sure. Anyway, I digress. The future seems to be rather dark and cyberpunkish with “population police”, mistreatment of prisoners, and various other human rights violations. Before I could start scanning the crowds for Adam Jensen we went through the Stargate time portal to Terra Nova! Rather then build any sort of structure to house their side of the portal, the Terran Novians simply have it in the jungle. So all of the new colonists, still lazy from their lives on Earth and not even able to breath the air have to do a large trek through dinosaur invested jungle to the settlement. That will toughen them up. Before I actually go on if you haven’t seen any of the show you should watch the trailer.

So right, that. I haven’t even seen it to be honest, I just linked it. But my guess is that it’s about the show in some way, so I’ll assume it was.

The pilot episode went well enough, except I wanted to punch that Josh kid in the face. Apart from that, few complaints. It had dinosaurs, eye candy, dinosaur eye candy, what more could I ask for? They even added some human enemies for when shooting dinos gets boring.

Second episode rolls around, and this time Josh has less magnetic force pulling my fist to his face. We’re already off to a good start! Further more, the show managed to not screw anything up in it’s second episode. Some changes here and there but unlike a lot of series (Kindred) they didn’t change anything massive without explanation. The only thing I did notice changed was the armour the redshirts wear becoming less bulky and looking more like hockey pads. Plenty of reasons for that, old armour was ceremonial or dress armour or something that means they don’t usually wear it so it stays shiny.

Overall, it’s a show I’m willing to give a chance, and it’s caught my interest so far. Other then the dinos seeming to be armour plated I don’t see much wrong with it. It definitely has the potential to be a great show.

And you deus ex part 2 is coming! Be patient!


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